1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe – Jay Leno’s Garage

The Imperial was designed “for the man who doesn’t seek prestige because he already has it.”. Subscribe NOW to Jay Leno’s Garage: full.sc Check out the Official Jay Leno’s Garage Site for more: JayLenosGarage.com Get more Jay Leno’s Garage Follow Jay: Twitter.com Like Jay: Facebook.com Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: full.sc Like NBC: Facebook.com Follow NBC: Twitter.com NBC Google+: plus.google.com NBC Pinterest: Pinterest.com NBC Tumblr: NBCtv.tumblr.com Tonight Show host Jay Leno explores his passion for all things on wheels in this Emmy Award-winning web series. 1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe – Jay Leno’s Garage www.youtube.com
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drivencarreviews.com When it was launched in 2005, the redesigned Chrysler 300 was a revolution in design. New for 2011, the familiar shape is evolutionary. Less gangster and more CEO, the interior gets a significant upgrade. Tom Voelk travels to San Diego to preview the high end 300 C in this longer “director’s cut” video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. This Imperial is a nice car, but I’d much rather have a ’66 Caddy. Back in the early to mid sixties, Cadillac sold more cars than Continental and Imperial combined. And foreign luxury cars were practically unheard of everywhere except perhaps NY and LA. Cadillac was truly king of the hill. 66 was one of Caddy’s best years, but I also liked 64, 62, and 59. The even years were generally better than the odd years because Cadillac was on a two year restyling cycle and the 2nd year was more refined.

  2. This is true craftsmanship. Cars company today are so concerned about efficiency quality of the work declines just look at the interior of this car compared to those today. We needed to get back to this version of American quality

  3. what are you kidding, this car has all the creature comfort today’s car have minus the gps/mp3. its very impressive for being a car from the 60s!

  4. Mass market cars today are ugly. Requirements have obviously changed, which influences design but much of it has to be blamed on talent. I have no doubt that the people who design much of today’s cars have less talent than the people who designed cars like this.

  5. Hey Jay,
    The steering wheel on your 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe is also telescopic, if you didn’t know. If you turn the ring in the center of the wheel, it releases and you can pull it forward or push it back. I must say I am envious of your collection. I would love so see it one day, you have an some gorgeous cars.

  6. thats very cool you saved a car from what sounds like a man who wanted it to go to the right person.

  7. Beautiful automobile! You can tell even in the vid it is effortless to drive. Like driving a couch. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Those were the days when land yachts sailed the road. How many cars, trucks, steam engines, and what ever else you have in your building do you have? Will it be open to the public some day?

  9. Oh my god it reminds me of my Grand Marquis with 3 cigarette lighters… which was also a boat on wheels.

  10. Jay, I have to thank you for your videos. By this, I was able to discover and compare a ’32 Alfa Romeo Monza, Bugatti Type 35, ’67 Chrysler Imperial, and a Bugatti Veyron, and I have a picture of a 1929 Cadillac in another tab. It demonstrates where cars do well or go wrong. The sound of a ;32 8c, the upright driving position of a type 35. The apparent design of the ’29 Cadillac. The veyron seems cramped in comparison. It’s a Nanny almost.

  11. Sweet looking car. I’ve always loved original and unrestored. Provided it’s been as well maintained as this, it’ll last forever.

  12. Love those old cruisers! My favorite is the Lincoln Town Car from the late 1990′s. Decent mileage, and a cushy, comfortable ride for every passenger. That is the car to have when you’re driving cross country.

  13. You�re paying HOW MUCH for automobile insurance protection? Take a look at out this unique web page and learn just how you can knock a few hundred from the total price.

  14. It’s great to see that American car companies are making strides to improve the quality of the interior materials on their cars. This car looks superb. Lets hope that reliability has made the same stride. Hopefully the Lexus owners that were surveyed mentioned their bulletproof reliability as a strong point. Cheap plasticky interiors were not what brought the downfall of the American car. Reliability was their achilles heel.

  15. I have a bmw myself but I think this car is wonderful also. My cousin owns one.

  16. Man this is an awfull car it has nothing on my BMW m3 just wanted to say hi to the little people.

  17. as I was saying before, that Chrysler is really improving and I would own their cars but with the new jeep, that won’t be happening I’m just glad American cars are commingle back.

  18. Already have a jeep and I know Chrysler owns them but still i’m scared by the Chrysler for one reason the seabring (did I spell that right) the convertible was terrible.

  19. I like the added chrome, but the changed front end makes it look like any other Ford or something. The 05 -10 front end was great.

  20. It looked like a brick before the restyling. Still looks like a brick. And those ugly sensors on the bumper look like gunshots, make the car look cheap.

  21. That’s right! Gangstas only drive with one. Right? What a dumb ass. Since when is it “cool” to make fun of people who drive with one hand? You know queer means strange don’t you? Some smart lawyer. If are really one.

  22. ooo and one more thing….for 27 grand u get the big toyota camry hybrid 2012, which will take u with one gallon of gas 43 miles far in the city (i am not kidding) and 39 miles with one gallon on the highway….i guess that would be a better choise, no need to talk about the life time waranty and did i mentioned that the car cost only 27 grand???

  23. the old chrysler 300 (1999) were a piece of shit…. the quality is so cheap and bad… I still have one, the interior is made almost completely from cheap thin breakable plastic. hope this new car has more quality…. i will take a test drive in it cus u can feel the quality but not see….i only can say something about the new chrysler after i sit in there myself.

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